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Welcome aboard Coach Scanner, your trusted compass for navigating the rich tapestry of London's historic and vibrant attractions! As a distinguished provider of coach and minibus hire services, our mission is to escort you through the heart of the city with comfort and ease.

Iconic London Landmarks

Embarking on a journey through London's storied streets, one cannot help but be enchanted by the grandeur of its landmarks. From the regal Buckingham Palace to the architectural splendour of the Houses of Parliament, each site tells a tale as old as time.

Buckingham Palace Route

Begin your adventure at the residence of royalty. Our coaches glide smoothly along The Mall, providing a majestic approach to the palace gates. Savour the Changing of the Guard, a ceremony steeped in tradition and precision.

Houses of Parliament Route

Next, we make our way to the heart of British democracy. As we cross Westminster Bridge, the iconic Big Ben clock tower stands as a sentinel to history. Alight here and feel the political pulse of the nation.

London Eye Route

A stone's throw from Parliament lies the London Eye. Our route strategically stops nearby, allowing you to soar above the cityscape in this modern marvel. The panoramic views are, simply put, breathtaking.

Cultural Treasures

London's cultural landscape is as diverse as it is splendid. With Coach Scanner at the helm, you'll witness the West End's theatrical masterpieces, the British Museum's historical wonders, and the Southbank's artistic flair.

West End Theatre Route

Our coaches navigate the buzz of the West End, dropping you at the doorstep of theatrical excellence. Whether it's a classic or avant-garde production, your cultural appetite will be sated.

British Museum Route

Fancy a trip through time? The British Museum houses artifacts that span millennia, and our route ensures you can explore at leisure. The Rosetta Stone and Egyptian mummies await.

Coach Comfort and Convenience

At Coach Scanner, your comfort is our command. Our fleet is meticulously maintained, ensuring a smooth and serene journey. With ample space and onboard amenities, each coach is a haven from the bustling city streets.

Simple Booking Process

We believe in effortless experiences. Booking your preferred route is a breeze – just a few clicks and you're set to see the sights. Our friendly team is always on hand to assist with any queries.

Tailored Routes

Desire a more bespoke journey? We're adept at crafting tailored itineraries that cater to your curiosities. Whatever your group size or preference, we provide a personalised touch.

Planning Your Trip

London Landmark Route Summary
Landmark Route Highlights Duration
Buckingham Palace The Mall, Changing of the Guard 1 hour
Houses of Parliament Westminster Bridge, Big Ben 1 hour
London Eye Southbank, River Thames Views 30 minutes
West End Theatres Theatre District, Premier Shows 2 hours
British Museum Historic Artifacts, Cultural Exhibits 2 hours

In conclusion, Coach Scanner is more than a service; we're your gateway to the wonders of London. We take pride in delivering a seamless, enriching travel experience that resonates with the heart of this great city. Revel in the sights, indulge in the culture, and let us handle the journey. Your London adventure awaits!

For any assistance or to book your next London landmark tour, do not hesitate to contact us. We're here to ensure your trip is nothing short of extraordinary. Bon voyage!

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