Alexander Dennis: Pioneering British Excellence

Alexander Dennis, abbreviated as ADL, is one of the most prominent names in the UK’s coach manufacturing industry. Renowned for its pioneering innovations, exceptional quality, and British engineering excellence, ADL’s range of coaches reflects a commitment to sustainability, passenger comfort, and performance.

Alexander Dennis Enviro400 - A Modern Take on Urban Mobility

The Alexander Dennis Enviro400 sets a new benchmark for urban transportation, offering an innovative design that caters to modern-day passenger needs.

Feature Details
Seating Capacity Up to 90 passengers
Length 10.5m - 11.5m
Air Conditioning Yes
Low Floor Design Yes
Environmentally Friendly Euro 6 engine

Comparison with Neoplan Cityliner: The Alexander Dennis Enviro400 versus the Neoplan Cityliner:

Feature Alexander Dennis Enviro400 Neoplan Cityliner
Seating Capacity Up to 90 passengers Up to 61 passengers
Length 10.5m - 11.5m 12-13.26m
Air Conditioning Yes Yes
Low Floor Design Yes No
Environmentally Friendly Euro 6 engine Not specified

Alexander Dennis Enviro200 - Compact and Versatile

The Alexander Dennis Enviro200 is the smaller sibling to the Enviro400, offering a compact design with a focus on maneuverability and efficiency.

Feature Details
Seating Capacity Up to 40 passengers
Length 8.9m - 9.6m
Air Conditioning Optional
Low Floor Design Yes
Fuel Options Diesel, Hybrid

Comparison with Iveco Urbanway: The Alexander Dennis Enviro200 in comparison with the Iveco Urbanway:

Feature Alexander Dennis Enviro200 Iveco Urbanway
Seating Capacity Up to 40 passengers Up to 30 passengers
Length 8.9m - 9.6m 9.5m - 12m
Air Conditioning Optional Yes
Low Floor Design Yes Yes
Fuel Options Diesel, Hybrid Diesel, CNG, Electric

Explore with Alexander Dennis and Coach Scanner

ADL's wide array of coaches is designed to meet various travel demands, whether it's the bustling city commute or a serene countryside escape. With Coach Scanner's exceptional service, the best of Alexander Dennis is available at your fingertips.

In Conclusion

Alexander Dennis embodies the very essence of British craftsmanship and innovation. Partnering with Coach Scanner offers a seamless experience in selecting the right coach that matches your needs, making every journey remarkable.

Travel in style, comfort, and eco-friendliness with Alexander Dennis. Experience the brilliance of British engineering today.

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